Corporate Services

Baron Tours provides personalized services to fit every corporate need. You can rest assured that Baron Tours will handle your transportation needs with utmost professionalism whether you have a group to transfer from a local airport to your meetings site, a corporate night out on the town, or shuttle service for your corporate event. Baron Tours is proud to announce that it works with non-profits on fundraising.

Employee Shuttle

In today’s business environment, steady growth in traffic congestion-is a major issue for the company’s productivity. Let’s avoid solo commute that results in employee retention, stress or even accidents. Baron Tours is your safety, efficient and effective transit shuttle solution. By contracting Baron Tours you can be assured of your employee’s punctuality, safety and their well-being.

Baron Tours can design an exclusive shuttle system for your employees. Whether it is Train Station circulating shuttles or connecting two or more campuses, Baron Tours will operate a fixed route service ensuring your employees are where they need to be anytime they need to be there.

Metro Station Shuttle

Baron Tours can provide your employees, students or customers with customized transportation to and from near-by train stations. Many employers find this to be an extraordinary benefit not only to employees, but to the employer by reducing parking congestion and retaining valuable employees who must commute daily. We are qualified, committed and prepared to furnish your organization with all of its ground transportation requirements. With the ability to tailor those services to your particular needs.

Student & University Shuttle

From campus shuttles to sports team charters and everything else in between, Baron Tours is the leader in School and University transportation solutions. The College/University market offers the opportunity for motor coach/mini-bus service to transport students, faculty and visitors throughout the campus, to and from off-campus housing and around the local market area. Additionally, the College/University market provides opportunities for individual charter transportation bookings of Sports Teams, Band, Clubs, Organizations, Academic Departments and more.

Parking Lot Shuttle

Baron Tours can provide the vehicles to operate:

• Employee parking lot shuttles

• Public parking lot shuttles

• Inter-terminal shuttles

• Gate-to-plane shuttles

And parking lot circulators to transport your employees or customers from nearby parking lots to your front door!

Scheduled Shuttle Service

Baron Tours can contract with metropolitan transportation authority’s, counties, cities, social service agencies, universities, medical centers and corporate America to provide a wide range of transportation services including: traditional fixed-route; demand response transportation; airport and corporate shuttles; transportation of school children; as well as a wide variety of other transportation solutions.

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