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Are you thinking about embarking on a group vacation? If so, Baron Tours can serve as your group’s personal chauffer! We are your go to charter bus group travel provider.

Rather than have to stress over figuring out how everyone will get safely to your destination, simply reserve Baron Tours and our professional drivers will handle all the rest, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your company and your travels, [nbsp_tc]which is much better [nbsp_tc]than worrying about routes, time schedules and other considerations that can dampen the journey .

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Best of all, our buses are renowned for their comfort, so you and your group will be able to comfortably converse with each other, watch a movie,[nbsp_tc] listen to music, read a book or do whatever you wish to pass the travel time.

For many people, their best vacation memories are from the times they traveled in a large group. Traveling in large group simplifies the planning process, makes vacation more affordable, provides more opportunities to socialize and provides you with the opportunity to share memorable experiences with a litany of people.

To learn more about group travel opportunities with Baron Tours, please contact us today.

Our Expertise:

• Educational Tours
• Shopping Trips
• Local and Out of State Beaches
• School Field Trips
• Sporting Events
• Youth Groups
• Senior Outings
• Concerts
• Church Groups
• Casino Trips
• Ski Trips
• Camping Trips
• Military Groups
• Family Reunions

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