East Coast Historical Tour

Discover some of the historic national treasures and step back in time and watch 18th century America come to life in front of your eyes. Start at the home of George Washington in Mount Vernon Tomas Jefferson’s Monticello then venture to Richmond’s St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry proclaimed, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Visit the Jamestown settlement and Colonial Williamsburg, where costumed villagers re-enact life in 18th -century Virginia. Experience Colonial-style dinner at a local tavern and experience supper savored by 18th century patriots.[nbsp_tc]

Visit the sites of many famous battles, including Yorktown Historical Battlefield Park, Gettysburg National Military Park, and Valley Forge National Historic Site. Also, visit Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park, where abolitionist John Brown and his “army of liberation” staged their fateful raid on a U.S. arsenal.

Harpers Ferry, a part of the East Coast Historical Tour

Sample Itinerary

This East Coast sightseeing tour highlights the famous landmarks in each city. Embark on a journey of the past and visit our historical landmarks.

Sample Itinerary Includes:

• WASHINGTON DC – Guided sightseeing with a Local Guide
• MOUNT VERNON – Visit George Washington’s home
• YORKTOWN – Visit Yorktown Battlefield
• WILLIAMSBURG –  Exclusive performance by professional historian; visit Colonial Williamsburg; Colonial-style dinner
• JAMESTOWN – Visit Jamestown settlement
• RICHMOND – Visit St. John’s Church
• CHARLOTTESVILLE – Visit Monticello
• SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK – Sightseeing, presentation by local guide
• HARPERS FERRY – Visit Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
• GETTYSBURG – Visit Gettysburg National Military Park;
• VALLEY FORGE – Visit Valley Forge National Historic Park
• PHILADELPHIA – Visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall; farewell dinner

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