Baron Tours Packing and Travel Helpful Hints

A Packing Guide for the Globe Trotter

Helpful Travel Tips

“Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory!” ~ Miguel de Cervantes

At Baron Tours, we want our groups to make the most of their trip. While there are so many details to deal with, we thought we can help you by alleviating the stress of transportation (what we do best) and perhaps lend some advice on what you should pack.

As always, it is recommended to pack light! For short programs, one small suitcase is recommended. For longer programs, we recommend no more than one checked bag and one carry-on. There is a cost for checking baggage and travelers should be prepared to pay these fees upon check-in for both departing and returning flights. Please also check your airline’s website prior to travel for up-to-date information regarding weight and size limits set by the airline.

Additionally, all travelers should be aware of the Transportation Security Administration’s guidelines for air travel. For more information, please visit the TSA website.

A few things to keep in mind and check off the list

∼Put your full name on all of your personal belongings.

∼Do not agree to carry anyone else’s luggage.

∼Attach luggage tags with your contact information to all of your suitcases and backpacks.

∼Try not to over pack. Bring only necessary items and clothing. ∼You must be able to carry your own luggage.

∼Luggage with wheels is easier to carry.

∼Airlines have strict regulations regarding luggage. Most airlines allow a carry-on suitcase and backpack/tote at no cost. Airline fees may apply for checked luggage.

∼The TSA restricts the amount of liquids or gels you can pack in your carry-on bag. You can bring a 1-quart-sized Ziploc clear plastic bag with 3.4 ounce bottles or less.

∼Pack a travel first aid kit with the following: ibuprofen (or other pain medication), decongestant/cold medication, NyQuil, bandages, and hydrocortizone cream.

∼Going somewhere with clean drinking water? Pack a reusable water bottle that clips onto your bag. Bonus points if it’s collapsible. Save money and help the planet too!

∼You will never wear that second dressy outfit, so stop packing it. On most trips, you won’t even wear the first dressy outfit (but you should still pack that one).

∼Don’t forget your camera charger. You will go through that battery before the end of the first day, especially when your friends insist on flipping through all of the photos that you just took in order to relive something that happened 5 minutes ago.

∼Don’t pack clothes that require ironing.

∼Never pack something that you haven’t worn before. Otherwise you’ll find your new shoes too uncomfortable, your new jacket too flimsy and your new jeans too tight. If you hate wearing something at home, you will hate wearing it even more when you travel.

∼Pack those tennis shoes you only wear “jogging” (a.k.a., “to the store to buy ice cream”) at some point during your trip, you won’t care what you look like. You will only care about being comfortable.

∼Never carry your wallet in your back pocket, and never carry your purse on just your shoulder; wear it across your body.

∼Take notes. As much as you believe the contrary, once you get home you will not remember your tour guide’s name, or the artist who’s worked you loved so much, or even the location of your hotel. Write it down.

∼If you have an inkling that you should be taking photos of something, take them.

∼If you have an inkling that you should not be taking photos of something, don’t take them.

∼The second you think of packing something, PACK IT. If you wait, you will forget. And then you’ll end up using a plastic bag as a shower cap.


Just in case

∼Wherever you are, wherever you are going, bring snacks.

∼Dry shampoo is a secret weapon for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but still want to interact with other humans.

∼Call your credit card company before you leave and put a travel alert on your card. While you’re at it, jot down their international customer service number if your travels will take you abroad.

∼Make photocopies of your passport/I.D. and leave one with friends and another tucked into your bag. Or, better yet, scan your passport/I.D. and email a copy to yourself.

∼Pack more underwear than you could ever conceivably go through. They don’t take up much room, and after a few days on the road, you will feel DECADENT when you put on a fresh pair in the morning and again in the evening.

∼Stuffing socks into your shoes can help you save space and ensure your loafers retain their shape.

∼Dryer sheets remove static from your hair and clothing and make your suitcase smell awesome while taking up virtually no room.

∼Pocket-size packs of tissues (sold at drugstores and in the grocery store check-out line) always come in handy.

∼If you are starting a brand-new book on your flight, bring at least one other form of entertainment with you, because that brand-new book might not be that great.

∼Suffer from motion sickness? Ask for a drink that is half ginger ale and half club soda. It will help alleviate nausea without putting you into diabetic shock.

∼Don’t forget: your toothbrush, toothpaste, prescription medications, deodorant, and pajamas or lounge wear.

∼Wear sunscreen anytime you will be outside, regardless of the temperature or weather.
Rolling clothing before shoving them into your suitcase really does save space.

∼If you’ve forgotten something, check with the hotel before running to a drugstore. Most housekeeping departments stock toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, sewing kits, shower caps, and disposable razors that they provide to guests for free upon demand.

Other Helpful Tips

Don’t forget to pack some of these items!

∼Season appropriate clothing
∼Wind/water – proof light jacket
∼Sandals/Flip Flops for down time
∼Spending Money
∼Camera, charger, extra batteries
∼Cellphone, charger
∼Small backpack or day pack

∼Pen or pencil with notebook
∼Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizer
∼Bathing suit
∼Sewing Kit
∼Contact lens care kit and spare glasses
∼Make-up and make-up remover
∼Hair care supplies

Helpful Travel Sites:

TSA Carry-On Traveler Information
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Flight Status
Dept of State Travel Information
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