The Benefits of Taking a Charter Bus to a Sporting Event

Charter Bus

How can you get a whole bunch of people somewhere at one time? Put them on a bus, traveling together to their destination.

For sporting events, bus charters from companies like Baron Tours totally make sense. Chartering a bus for a sports team is a good idea, as well as chartering a bus for fans.

For Teams

Consider sports teams: if you’re a coach/manager of a high school, college or professional team, isn’t it nice to have everybody together in one place? Bus time is prime time to talk with the team, sharing plans, logistics, laughs and camaraderie. There’s something special about all being together on the same bus, isn’t there? It’s a shared experience that helps build team relationships and bonds. Meanwhile, utilizing a chartered bus means coaches, staff, and the players don’t have to drive themselves. They can arrive at their destination well-rested… and on-time, too!

Today’s motor coaches are comfortable. Most have restrooms on board (or can make stops along the way for bathroom breaks). A public address system is available on board so the coach can talk to the team– even reaching the back of the bus without having to strain his or her voice. Equipment and bags can be brought along and stored in storage compartments toward the bottom of the bus, ensuring that all the equipment “arrives” when the team does. Oh, and people can eat and drink on board– a nice way to celebrate a victory and/or just catch up on meals without having to stop at restaurants, wasting time.

For Fans

How about fans? Should they charter a bus to get to a game? Definitely! Rather than all take separate cars and have to deal with traffic jams, parking costs, etc., isn’t it nice to know some of the headaches of getting to the game are taken away when a bus is involved? Furthermore, fans often like to drink– beer in particular– so rather than risk DUIs/DWIs, the bus is a place where drinking is okay, and by the time everybody gets back to their cars at the end of a long day or night they should be sobered up– so that’s a very good thing.

Baron Tours offers charter bus service for sporting events. Headquartered in Maryland and serving the DC area, Baron isn’t limited by geography– so if you’re somewhere else, like New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Seattle, Portland, etc., give Baron Tours a call and ask about charter bus services. The number to call is 800-505-0287 or email

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