We’re Now Offering a Masonic Tour Package in Washington D.C.!

Masonic Tour Package

Have you ever wondered why the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, is an Egyptian-style obelisk? It turns out that much of our nation’s capital was designed and built by freemasons. For many years, freemasonry was a mysterious, feared and even hated secret society. But why? What’s the deal with “the masons?”

Baron Tours can answer that question. We’re launching a masonic tour package in Washington, DC, showing you key examples of masonic influence and telling you what it all means. Did you know, for instance, that the men who designed the White House, the Capitol, and the Washington Monument were all masons? And the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, also known as The House of the Temple, stands just north of the White House on 16th Street?

Many U.S. Presidents have been masons, including George Washington, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford.

If you plan on taking the masonic tour of Washington, DC, offered by Baron Tours, and you want to read up to increase your knowledge ahead of time, here are two links:  Ideals of Freemasonry at District’s Foundation and Mysteries of the Freemasons.

The Masonic Symbolism Trail bus tour package from Baron Tours includes The White House, Capitol Hill, The Jefferson Memorial, The FDR Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, and buildings along Virginia Avenue. Between on-bus talks and inside visits to some of these places, you’ll learn about the design of the city as well as the meaning of masonic symbols seen throughout the nation’s capital.

For those who are intellectually curious and wondering about the masonic influence found in Washington, DC, why not take a bus tour with Baron Tours to learn some thought-provoking things about various DC buildings and structures? Please call 202-449-9671 or email sales@barontours.com for more information.

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