Reasons to Take Your Class on Charter Bus Field Trip

Baron Tours helps bring history to life with its educational tours of places like Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City, among other places.

If you’re an educator, you know that there’s a difference between just reading about something historical versus seeing historical items and buildings in person. Taking a class on a field trip is a good way to mix things up a bit. Not only do they get to get out of the classroom, but they also get to travel and see, in real life, a different place than they’re used to. Think back to field trips you took as a child, and remember that sense of awe and adventure. It can be a really big deal for a youngster to take a field trip– perhaps a “trip of a lifetime,” since it’s out of the ordinary for them.

Field trips are often utilized by schools to provide children with experiences that ultimately enhance their appreciation of both arts and culture. Whether schools use field trips as enrichment or reward, one thing’s for certain: field trips help kids learn a lot. By showing young people great works of art, amazing architecture, and historically-significant sites, field trips help turn them into more civilized adults who end up frequenting these places, again, later in life. Furthermore, field trips help develop critical-thinking skills, increase historical empathy, and make kids more tolerant of others because they’re able to see and learn about a wide variety of people and places beyond their narrow view.

There’s a difference between a teacher in a classroom reciting facts and a tour guide taking kids through a visually-stimulating museum, sharing facts and stories. Kids tend to pay more attention to tour guides and they’re likely to recall details regarding what the tour guide said. Think back to your own youth– if and when you took a field trip, you probably remember certain things you saw or heard back then.

Finally, field trips are a good way for everyone, including students who come from disadvantaged situations, to experience some of the amazing things this country has to offer.  Not all families have the resources to visit special, historical sites, but going together as a group will bridge that gap.

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